I purchased a dilapidated 1860 house three feet from our 1780 house in Athens, NY a few years ago in order to make it my art studio. 

Two years later I've just moved the pared down contents of my previous studio in to an airy, open plan two story space that takes in to consideration some needs that have been waiting to be addressed my whole life.

I need quietude, open space to stretch, be alone and rest when I want to, as well as do my art work.

I also just simply love to re-design broken down spaces. I could start another one today. 

It makes me wonder, is this what I really love? Transformation?

I have been thinking non stop since the summer, as the renovation was in full swing and the presidential campaign was raging, about living in a state between opposites. The renovation was a path toward something hopeful and the presidential campaign made me feel hounded by dread. The renovation of the studio space was taking shape as the predatory lies ripped the country apart. 

Here we are, early February and I've just moved in. The studio is light and beautiful and full of potential. Equally real, he won and everyone I know feels like hell and is frightened, furious, protesting, and weary within two and a half weeks of a presidency.

As one person, do I have the ability to transform anything right now? Certainly not alone, I never did.  My new space will be more communal, political, not the full on solitude I imagined. I created an empty space open enough to be possible for what is necessary. All to be discovered.