If These Sentences Wash Away, 2013. A collaboration between Paula Hayes and Teo Camporeale, for Emscherkunst 2013, Essen, Germany.

Teo Camporeale describes the process of making the sound piece, If These Sentences Wash Away

For me there is no "background noise" in the Universe. What one hears and lifts out from what I can only describe as a ubiquitous symphony, is in itself a kind of personal composing of music. I took all that I heard in the experience of the project and using my own innate filters, tried to poetically reflect back a response that adds a human dimension to the universal symphony.

If These Sentences Wash Away is a 9 min 40 sec long sound piece I did that was broadcast outside within a planted public art work by Paula Hayes (with the same title) for Emscherkunst 2013, Essen, Germany.  We were collaborators on this public work. I composed the sound piece by manipulating many recordings (I made) with very particular constraints I gave myself. I worked from my own library of field recordings, not from synthesized or purchased audio samples. I used both natural and industrial sounds, from various locales and over different time periods. Using audio software to bring the selected sounds together I worked with pitch and time shifting techniques. I feel that this type of manipulation is close to my original analog work, and I like many aspects of analog production. I wove the parts together into rhythmic phrases that I felt suited the poetic concept Paula was working with. There are 3 distinctive movements in the sound piece and spoken word readings of a poem written by Paula, read in 3 different languages (English, German and Turkish). The final production was mixed into 8 discrete audio channels broadcast over 8 speakers  that were evenly spaced in the outdoor planted public environment. The site itself, though non working, was an industrial site in the process of being reclaimed by plants and animals.